Recall Ad Full Of Untruth



The ad you accepted on page 11A of Friday's paper is full of untruth and there should be a full retraction of that ad.

The ad tells people to vote yes in the recall election. There will not be a yes or no optionor recall. Since the petition of Brian Crandall's name was thrown out by Judge Cahill, the only board member being opposed is Jerry Fisher by Mr. Weesner. Brian Crandall is not a legal resident of the Christopher Kohls Fire District and cannot and will not be on the ballot.

Mr. Webb and Ms. Marazza are not being opposed.

Since this is a paid political ad the names of heeople placing and paying for this ad are supposed to be includedn the ad. I am asking for the names of the persons who placed this ad.

None of the volunteer firemen that I talked to today have ever heard of the Christopher-Kohls Volunteer Fire Fighters Association andre firemen with our fire department.

There are legal and moralssues related to this ad for the persons placing it and for the Payson Roundup.

Jerry Fisher

Christopher Creek

Editor's note: In the Aug. 10 edition of the Roundup, on Page 2, our mistake was acknowledged and the name of the person who bought the advertisement, Gregory Bownds, was reported.

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