Recall Allegations Are Not Based In Fact



I am a volunteer for the Christopher Kohl's Fire Department and have attended board meeting for many years. I was outraged by an advertisement in the Roundup on Aug. 6 placed by Greg Bownds.

Jerry Fisher was informed that he was going to be recalled even before he was sworn onto the board of Christopher Kohl's Fire District, and in fact, during his second meeting as a board member, Bownds demanded Fisher resign or face recall. The recall efforts clearly involve personal vendettas against the board members and the taxpayers are footing the bill.

The district will be billed for expenses of this recall which include: ballots, outgoing and return postage and envelopes, instructions to voters, paying workers to process early ballots, and the recorder could charge for signature verification of each ballot (A.R.S.19-210). Mr. Fisher is the only member being challenged and his term would end in November.

The allegations listed in the recall petition are not supported by reason or evidence and are in stark contrast to the truth:

1. The attorney general determined after an extensive investigation that "the Christopher/ Kohl's Fire District Board did not violate the Open Meeting Law". (Feb. 17, 2004 AG letter)

2. After a comprehensive review, the Industrial Commission ruled in favor of the current board and found no grounds for labor violations. (March 25, 2004 IC letter)

3. The board authorized the purchase of 17 sets of turnouts, at a cost of about $25,000, to make sure that employees were protected. The board recently authorized the purchase of a new fire engine to be placed at Station 53 in the Colcord-Ponderosa Springs area.

4. Mr. Fisher has shown great interest in the department and the community. He was previously an emergency medical technician and volunteered with the department, he has attended training with the department and many community functions in an effort to represent all of the people of the district.

We are not a perfect community, fire department or board, but we care about each other, and are continually trying to improve. There is a division among neighbors that has never before existed.

Individuals in the communities need to say "enough."

I urge you to vote for Jerry Fisher and to support our current board.

Debbie Dawson

Christopher Creek

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