Chemical-Toting Gardeners Should Be Licensed



Re: The unlawful use of so-called weed-killers and insecticides. The continued use of these poisons are creating a hazard for children and wildlife, especially the birds and small rodents like chipmunks, squirrels, and others. Then, there are the hate mongers who indiscriminately apply these poisons in other yards for whatever their reasons.

Incidentally, the weed-killer is called "Roundup," meaning no disrespect.

These insecticides, or weed-killers, are cheap and anyone can walk in most stores and get a can, bottle or package of these contaminants and they don't know the seriousness of this issue. Some use it as a weapon against their neighbors, and that can get scary. Gardeners who use chemicals to kill weeds or insects should have a license or some sort of control on these contaminants.

Lawrence D. Okendo, Payson

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