Life Taken Away For No Reason



Please, a comment about Roundup's Aug. 17 mail call.

Letter writer Otis M. Trimble and I are almost always in agreement. Not this time, Otis.

Harold Fish must be tried and found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Grant Kuenzli.

I have hiked that Pine trail numerous times over the past 16 years. Mr. Fish over-extended his hiking ability and topped out of Pine Canyon exhausted. When three happy dogs approached him for some play time, Mr. Fish overreacted and pulled a gun and fired it into the ground. The now deceased, unarmed Mr. Kuenzli reacted to that just as many of us would have, by making an attempt to protect the dogs by disarming Fish. For that, Kuenzli was killed by three shots to the chest from a distance of six feet or so. An unarmed man's life taken away for no reason.

I repeat again what I have said in the past- there is a third, yet unnamed party to this killing. The person who was at the Pine Trailhead to pick Fish up and take him down to the South Trailhead in Pine where Fish started his hike.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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