An Unarmed Man Was Killed



In response to Mr. Otis Trimble's comments about the "lynch mob" that is after Harold Fish:

1. They are not "after" Mr. Fish, they want him held accountable for killing an unarmed man. Second-degree murder maybe, not manslaughter. Definitely. Grant was unarmed.

Mr. Fish laid down a long walking stick to reach for his gun. I think that he could have kept Grant from sending deadly splinter of bone into his brain with the stick -- and done well to defend himself with it, "if" he was under attack, which I, for one, will never believe.

2. Not everyone who wants Fish held accountable is a "newcomer," Some of us grew up here in Payson. Maybe Harold Fish isn't a vicious man, but what he did that day out there in the woods was vicious.

An unarmed man was killed. An unarmed man.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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