Libertarian Will Push For Less Government


John Crockett grew up spending half of his time in Flagstaff, and says that he is "very aware" of District 1 issues.

Crockett, 44, is running for U.S. Representative as a Libertarian against incumbent Republican Rick Renzi and Democrats Paul Babbitt and Bob Donahue.


John Crockett

Crockett is a native Arizonan and attended school in Phoenix. He took a few semesters at ASU, but "couldn't take the bureaucracy" and decided to go out and make a living.

Crockett worked for a corporation in Scottsdale for 10 years,

then branched off in 1990 and started his own custom software company. He has been self-employed for the past seven years, working as a technology consultant.

He is currently married and has two daughters, 18 and 15.

Crockett has never held public office, and said he has heard from many people that he's not going to be able to succeed with his agenda.

"And they're right," he said. "Except if you elected a bunch of me. If we ever finally get tired of paying 40 percent of our income to the federal government in taxes -- we will elect a bunch of me."

Crockett said he has been a Libertarian idealist since he was 13. He heard a Libertarian on his radio and decided it was exactly what he was looking for. However, he let his activism lay dormant for a long time, he said -- until he had a run-in with the police.

Crockett was once arrested for making a "radar trap ahead" sign to warn motorists of an impending police presence. That experience sparked his interest in activism, he said.

Crockett's main campaign issues: reducing the size and power of the federal government, reducing or eliminating federal taxes and reducing overall regulation. He said more power should be given to local and state governments.

"We would decide what's good and what's best for us. And who better to decide that?" he said.

Crockett said he knows the Libertarian ideology is somewhat radical. But he doesn't apologize for it.

"I get real emotional about some of this stuff," he said.

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