Landscape Fabric Can Reduce Need For Chemicals



This letter is in response to Lawrence D. Okendo's letter to the editor of Aug. 24 concerning the extensive use of chemical weed-killers and insecticides.

I, too, am concerned about the effects of widespread use of these chemicals and how they could affect our wildlife and drinking water supply. The use of these chemicals can be reduced significantly if homeowners will begin using a high-quality landscape fabric to separate the soil or decomposed granite from their decorative rock.

The heavy-duty landscape fabric I use allows water and air to penetrate through it (allowing trees and shrubs to grow well) but keeps the weeds from growing. This fabric also holds moisture in the soil longer, so that the amount of water required for trees and shrubs is greatly reduced -- an important feature for our current drought conditions. Also, the fabric lasts for at least 20 years -- and it provides good soil erosion control.

If someone would like to find out more about (this landscape fabric), they can call me at (928) 468-1380.

Mark Miller, Payson

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