You'll Appreciate Haapala's Sincerity



Look Back.

Whether you did or did not reside here in the late '80s or the early '90s, the Dude fire still roared. It was the devoted and consistent newscasting of Dan Haapala which kept everyone informed. This man's compatibility has been with us on the radio, in our homes, our cars, on the job, by television. We can only feel fortunate to participate in the support of Dan Haapala for District One Supervisor .

Once elected, he has promised to continue to report, in a timely and honest manner, the updated news of Gila County. And, as always, the citizenry input is welcomed.

Dan Haapala's background, combined with his many years of residency and experiences in Gila County, has certainly provided an excellent trail of varied knowledge concerning the responsibilities for supervisor.

If you liked Dan's work as a newsman, you'll appreciate his sincerity more as your District One Supervisor.

Don't forget to vote. Tuesday, Sept. 7 is the final day.

Jeanne Dell, Payson

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