Chamber Name Used To Sell Advertising



It has come to the chamber's attention that National Ad Co., Inc. of Kelso, Wash., has contacted numerous businesses in the Payson area in hopes they would purchase advertising space on a map that the ad company was referring to as the "Chamber's 2005 Map."

Potential advertisers were told 2000-some maps would be distributed at the chamber office as well as other various locations throughout the area (i.e., real estate offices, banks).

The chamber has absolutely nothing to do with this project or this company. Their maps will not be distributed in our office, in following with our policy of distributing member-only brochures.

National Ad Co., Inc. has given fraudulent information. The chamber has contacted the company and is waiting for a response from them. The matter also has been discussed with the Payson Police Department and we will pursue this as a civil matter, if necessary.

If you purchased advertising on this map because you were under the impression you were supporting a chamber-sponsored or endorsed project, you may want to contact Lt. Don Engler at Payson Police Department.

For any project endorsed or sponsored by the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce where you are being asked to purchase advertising space, you will receive a letter of introduction to the project, which will be printed on Chamber letterhead and signed by the executive director. When in doubt, call the chamber before agreeing to any advertising.

During the holiday season especially, it's always better to be safe than sorry. There are people out there ready to take advantage of others, unfortunate as that may seem.

Tina Bruess, Executive Director, Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce

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