Muslim Religion Is Based On Faith



I would like to gently disagree with Ms. Chilcoat about boycotting the Muslim Holiday stamp.

When I reflect on all the evil done in the name of Christianity over the centuries, I would not like to be condemned because I carry the name "Christian."

It is unlikely that many who live in Payson have known a Muslim personally, and therefore it is tempting to lump all Arabs and Muslims together and simply react to all we see on television. Were we to know the Muslim faith as intimately as we know our own, we could see that, like all religions, it has its zealots who perpetrate evil in the name of the Almighty. But the vast majority of Muslims believe in a faith with many tenants like our ownuch as loving and caring for others.

The Christ whose birth we celebrate at Christmas taught us to love our enemies and do good to those who persecute us. Loving implies knowing the good in each human being and honoring the faith that supports the soul in its relationship with God by whatever name He may be called.
s for me, I will buy and use the stamp in support not of terrorists, but of the millions of Muslims who, like ourselves, love and desire peace. The hope of the world lies with those masses, not in the hands of zealots of any persuasion.

M. Decker Abbas, Payson

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