The Dog Days Of Winter



The days have been downright chilly for the past week. I welcomed the rain, but I wish that it had been snow.

My doggies have been very reluctant to step foot outside and when they do, they quickly do their business and are ready to hurry back in and snuggle down to snooze. What a life they have; eat, sleep and play is about all that they do, but what a comfort they are to have around. They can't take the place of my grandchildren, but they still fill a special place in my heart.


Travis Long, 15, bagged a 6-by-6-point elk with a bow and arrow on Nov. 20 in Unit 23. Travis is a Payson High School student and his parents are Janis and Duane Long of Meads Ranch. Loren Long of Tonto Village is his grandfather. Travis is now anxiously waiting for next year to outdo himself and bag a bigger elk.

Speaking of my doggies reminds me to tell you that National Bank is filling up a collection box to help support the Payson Humane Society by collecting various items that are needed at the shelter.

The list is lengthy, so I will only mention items that you would not normally think of donating, such as bleach, Pine Sol, liquid laundry soap, blankets and old towels plus the normal items that you would think of, such as dog and cat food, litter, etc.

Contact Neloa or Jenny or Erin or Crystal at (928) 474-1801 if you would like more information.

I reported that a small building boom is happening in our tiny village, but I neglected to mention that Ethel and Danny Cain at lot No. 41 are building a new garage and carport. There are changes going on even though the weather is cold.

Bear Flat

Welcome home to Dick and Mae Jones. They have been on a mission to Nebraska and Iowa for the past year.

Mae has been part of our dominoes group and she will be heartily welcomed when she comes to play again.

Smoky conditions exist in this little community due to a prescribed burn happening this week. Little Green Valley also is part of the burn, according to Gloria Alliger of the U.S. Forest Service.

"Although the smoke can be annoying, this is something we have to do," she said.

Tonto Village Fire Department

The Payson Elks Lodge presented Captain Rick Prach a certificate recently for being "Firefighter of the Year" in the Tonto Village Fire Department. Way to go, Rick. We are all very proud of you for your diligence in being a conscientious and loyal member of our little fire department.

The monthly meeting of the Tonto Village Fire Board will be at 10 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 11 at the fire station. Be sure to attend.

Chief J.R. Alliger wants to remind all residents to pick up their new house numbers for the 911 emergency system. As soon as the paperwork is sent to Globe, your new number will be entered into the computer. Please do not forget to give Chief Alliger the paper back and he will pass it on to the right people in Globe.

Birthdays, etc.

John Haulot, will celebrate his birthday Dec. 8. John, as many of the old-timers in the village will remember, owned a lumberyard in the village in the '70s known as Honest John's Lumberyard. Many of the homes that were built back then bought all their lumber from John and his wife, Flo. John and Flo divide their retirement years between here and Punkin Center.

Pool Cues

Sunday afternoon, the pool tables were playing hard in competition. When the chalk dust cleared, Harvey Poyner played for the top spot, beating out Phyllis Mullen, so Phyllis shot for second. Betty Koutz shot for third place. Come and join the fun and hard competition any Sunday starting at 3 p. m. No results were received by me for the Ladies Double D group this past Tuesday.

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