Alpine Heights Restrictions Questioned



I do not know how to reach the residents of Alpine Heights to make them aware to be cautious in reading the (Homeowners Association's) Declaration of Restrictions (CC & Rs) document and in their vote.

I cannot believe the HOA board, comprised of seven members, are serious regarding the presentation of a document as discussed, approved, and to be presented as a joint consensus of the board, a document purported to be what is good for the community, with which "we can all abide."

I have served on the board, as a member, secretary and treasurer in the past. I wonder if anyone serving on the board, or the committee enlisted to present an updated cohesive document of restrictions, studied the current laws, or took any suggestions from the National Institute of Community Management (NICM), or an attorney well versed on HOA law? It is my understanding that the board is utilizing a local attorney in behalf of the HOA. What is their expertise in HOA law?

I would highly suggest that all homeowners in Alpine Heights carefully read the proposed document. Then I urge you to vote against it.

D. Stanley McElrea, Payson

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