Miles A Great Choice For Jre Principal



I am thrilled to have Peggy Miles head up Julia Randall Elementary School. Mrs. Miles has proven to be trustworthy, hard-working and worthy of the important post.

I am a parent of a student at JRE, a member of the schools' site selection committee and a substitute teacher with the district. Mrs. Miles is intelligent and has quickly responded to my child's needs.

When my husband or I have questions about the school or its programs, Mrs. Miles answers them.

She gladly accepts positive and even our "questioning" feedback; she asks for and often uses helpful suggestions from parents and many teachers.

When our committee meets to discuss how district money should be spent for the school, Mrs. Miles accepts parent and teacher suggestions and does something with the ideas.

Finally, kudos to Mrs. Miles and staff for keeping our children calm and organized during the recent lock down. Although the incident turned out to be non-threatening and no one was hurt or in danger, most of the staff seemed to have reacted appropriately and quickly.

And lastly, when my child came home from school that day, there was a neatly typed and well-written letter from Mrs. Miles outlining the day's events. That's professionalism.

Nancy Harrison, Payson

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