Boycott Was A Good Idea



I have read the Ramadan postage stamp debate on your editorial page. Ms. Chilcoat was accurate in citing the terrorists attacks. In our free society, she is entitled to her opinion and expressing it. I appreciate her sharing her view and your publication.

The rebuttals were interesting, evolving into a religious debate with accusations of bigotry, and suggestions we should be more "diverse."

The argument that Hitler was representative of Christianity is not true. He was a practitioner of the occult.

To say Christians have committed atrocities is true, but never is that taught in the Bible or by Jesus. Islam cannot be held to that standard. Mohammed, himself, had the blood of Jews on his hands.

Yes, there are patriotic peace-loving Muslims. But, I must ask a rhetorical question of them: "If there is just a couple bad apples spoiling the bunch in the Muslim world, where are the headlines such as this?..." "Peaceful Muslims Foil Terrorists Attack in the Philippines", "Dutch Muslims Outraged by Leo Van Gogh's Slaughter in the Street?"

The Council on American Islamic Relations would seem the place to turn for news such as this. But I take pause when even our very liberal senator, Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has said he knows CAIR has terrorists ties.

One of CAIR's agenda seems to be one of Muslim "rights." They pushed to get a public call to prayer to Allah in a suburb of Detroit. It can now be heard several times a day, over a loud speaker, in a foreign language! (Yes, Detroit -- not Cairo.) California children are being Islamicized in the public schools where there is a detailed curriculum being taught on that religion. Whereas historical government documents including "The Declaration of Independence", are being scrutinized by California schools ... because they mention the Judeo-Christian Gods.

America's hot button issue of the day is whether the "C" word dare be uttered before "tree." The classic Christmas carol, "Silent Night," has become such a problem it seems rated somewhere below pornographic. To sing this oft-banned song out loud and in public has become risky business.

The words bigotry, and selective diversity come to mind in contrasting these examples.

Jesus' birthday has been celebrated on Dec. 25 since 350 A.D., which of course takes in all of U.S. history. That's a tradition I'll be happy to embrace in this politically correct world.

Thanks for suggesting the boycott. Merry Christmas, Ms. Chilcoat.

Jane Walker, Payson

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