Christmas Card Project A Complete Success



Our thanks to the community, as Support Our Troop: 2004 "Operation: Christmas Card" has had a tremendous response.

We want to thank KMOG and KRIM radio stations, the Payson Roundup, Channel 4 and Rim Country Chamber of Commerce for getting the word out to area residents to inform them of the project to send cards overseas. The outpouring was awesome, and as of Thursday, Dec. 2 close to 2,000 cards are on their way to the front lines in Iraq, with love and honor from "Rim country."

As a military family, reality of the stress in war hits home everyday. We understand as we communicate with other military families across the nation that the war has intense emotional impact on the troops and their families.

Just this last week, we mourned the loss of Joshua Lucero, the grandson of Pastors Bea and Mike Lucero. Joshua was killed along with six other Marines just outside of Fallujah on Thanksgiving Day. They gave the utmost sacrifice for their country, but believed in their mission.

War is a baffling event, which gives and takes in its fierce manner. Please continue to pray for all the military personnel and their families in this Christmas Season. As we packed the boxes to go, I prayed that each card would be a great blessing to each "American Hero" and that they would know how the people of the United States honor their service. We cannot thank you all enough, as you have come forth in true patriotism.

Due to the wonderful response of our community we will keep drop boxes at the Roundup and KMOG radio station until Dec. 15. Just address a Christmas card to "An American Hero" and drop it off. We will then send them on to the troops on the front line of Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

If you have any questions please contact me at (928) 472-7507.

God bless you all this Christmas Season,

Mary Goddard, Payson

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