New Home Damaged By Fire


An early morning fire in the Hunter Creek subdivision caused an estimated $100,000 worth of damage to a new home being built by Mick and Lynn Davis.

Chief Ray Larsen of the Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department said he was first on the scene at about 6:50 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 7.

"It was a large home under construction," CKFD Chief Deputy Bob Lusson said.

Larsen said there were no tracks in the snow when he arrived and no signs of forced entry.

"There was no electricity in the house," Larsen added.

While the matter is still under investigation, Larsen said after he, Mike Winters and John Wisner all inspected the scene, it appeared the fire started in the vicinity of the fireplace.

Captain Rick Heron of the Diamond-Star Fire District said the sprinkler system installed in the home activated, even though the construction caps were still in place.

Larsen said while about 50 percent of the home was badly damaged, there was only moderate to light damage in the remainder of the home because of the sprinkler system.

"The caps either melted off or fell off," Larsen said, explaining how the system was activated.

Heron said an in-home sprinkler system will normally activate at around 155 degrees, but because the caps were still on, it didn't come on until temperatures reached closer 500 degrees.

Larsen said he suspects the heat was greater than 500 degrees, because when they made entry into the home, the glass in the windows, especially upstairs, crystallized and exploded.

"The house was sealed tight," Larsen said. He said the house didn't burn to the ground because no oxygen was getting to the fire until entry was made.

"We didn't rush in," Larsen said. "We assigned entry teams and studied it. We knocked it down with less than 700 gallons (of water)."

The CKFD had seven firefighters respond and DSFD had 12 personnel at the fire.

"It was a good save," Lusson said.

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