Weather Is On Everyone's Mind



Any way you look at it, the weather has been in the forefront of everyone's mind. The Village has looked like a winter wonderland most of the week and the children have had a grand time playing in all that white stuff.

According to Linda Stailey, our unofficial weather gauge keeper, about 7 to 8 inches of snow has fallen from this last bunch of storms. Linda does not keep records of all the precipitation that has fallen this year, but she said she would guess that the Village is ahead of last year's totals by about 4 inches.

In the Bear Flat area the moisture for the year, according to Dara Sutton, another unofficial gauge keeper, has reached 26.35 inches so far. Dara recorded about 22 inches last year.

If we happen to be lucky enough to receive more of that white stuff, and we become snowed in for a few days, Ethel Cain will open up her home and business for anyone who does not have any heat or any way to cook some hot food -- she and Danny have a big generator.

The annual community Christmas Potluck dinner will be on Dec. 18 at the Double D starting at 2 p.m. Coffee, soft drinks and utensils will be provided. Call Ethel and check with her on what dish you will be bringing at (928) 478-4332.

Get well wishes and a speedy recovery go out to Glen "Putsy" Shaw of Tonto Village III. Glen was airlifted to Good Samaritan Hospital last week with a suspected aneurysm in his upper thigh. Glen has had surgery and is now recovering very well.


Jeff Shaw, our resident house painter in Tonto Village (Dec. 12); Phil Davenport and John Digman (Dec. 14); will celebrate their day on December 14; Fire Chief, J.R. Alliger, Flo Haulot and Duane Long (Dec. 15); Kathy Browning (Dec. 18); Rita Spalink (Dec. 19); Jan Farmer (Dec. 23); Nancy Yoakum (Dec. 26). December is a very popular month for birthdays -- there are eight in my own family who celebrate this month.

Pool Cues

Kara Shaw, Patty Boeschling and Lorraine "Bo" Mathews were the winners. Last Sunday's winners were Ethel Cain, Vicki Heyers and James Miller, Ethel's cousin.

I have to mention the courtesy given to all of us who stood in line to receive a flu shot Tuesday, Dec. 7.

It was cold, the ground was wet and the air was biting. There was a woman who came out periodically to check on all of us and offered her vehicle with the heater on, and even offered to give her coat to anyone who was cold.

Thank you to Svanna Jones for being so thoughtful.

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