Buyer Beware



Conventional medicine is the leading cause of death not heart disease or cancer, in the U.S.

In 2004 alone, according to Dr. Julian Whitaker, and several other naturalist doctors, 800,000 Americans died from adverse reactions to prescription drugs, medication errors, infections during hospital stays, unnecessary surgeries, and other mistakes. We lost about 500,000 during three years of World War II.

Do you remember when the doctors went on strike and the death rate decreased? I do.

Of course, the agency that is charged with protecting the public health is obviously asleep, insensitive, or criminally negligent. The Food and Drug Administration, remember, is made up of doctors. The pharmaceutical companies have many doctors on their staffs. Could there be a conflict of interest here?

Vioxx and Prozac are just two of the drugs approved by the FDA that have proved to be harmful.

The side effects of hundreds of drugs are obvious, yet practically nothing is done. Yet, the FDA has outlawed Ephedra, Tryptophane, DMSO, Kava, Comfrey, and Laetrile, and there were no deaths. A senate bill, S722, sponsored by Hillary Clinton, gives the FDA even more power to outlaw other nutritional supplements.

About 36 million Americans are taking statin cholesterol-lowering drugs, and I predict that many will suffer and die, never mind that a large study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that Zocor failed to lower the risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiac death.

Drug companies also withhold negative study results, as they did with Paxil. The attorney general of New York is now suing the makers of Paxil for this despicable cover up.

Beware consumer!

Russ Krueger, Goodyear

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