Conservative Democrats Should Switch Parties



My family moved to Phoenix in 1958. I have always been a student of American politics, especially Arizona politics. Way back then, Arizona had very many conservative, "Pinto Democrats," who often would vote Republican for president and re-elect Barry Goldwater and John Rhodes.

From 1958 until the present day, their numbers have dwindled. Why? Advancing age and movement from the rural areas to Maricopa County and, most importantly, the growing recognition that the "national" Democratic partyas evolving into a very liberal, secular party. The national realignment to two parties, one conservative (GOP) and one liberal (Democrat) is almost complete.

I am troubled with the 2004 election in Gila County. I am sure that Senator Jack Brown and Sheriff John Armer are decent, honorable public servants. The problem is there is no way for them to square their political beliefs with the national Democratic party. They support that party by their chosen political affiliation. This party stands for expanding the role of government over our lives, abortion on demand, a "one-world pro-UN" foreign policy, affirmative action, an increased welfare state,nd other socially liberal positions. A wide majority of Gila County voters reject those positions.

I am calling on those few remainingonservative Democrats in elective officeo switch parties to the GOP or face being publicly associated with all the misguided positions of the national Democratic party.
Rand Dee Bowerman, Payson

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