Deal With Noise, Strays



Fix the problems, don't place the blame.

Let me start with the fact I have had dogs and cats all my life. Our cat "Shadow" allows us to live in his house and feed him. The Humane Society does a fantastic job for the community. The money the town contributes to the Society is well spent.

All that said, I am not opposed to building a newer facility; I am opposed to building a larger one. The real problem is stray and neglected domestic animals around Payson. In my opinion, it would be prudent to impose strict regulations on licensing, spaying and neutering of all domestic animals in town. There isn't any evidence this is harmful to cats and dogs.

Licensed breeders could be made exempt. They would need to have their business in an area allowed by zoning while following all the town regulations. Strict fines should be imposed on those who are inconsiderate of the law abiders. Existing older animals could be exempt if their health would be endangered.

Enforcement of these well-thought out steps should reduce the need for a bigger shelter. A smaller new shelter could be placed on the property now owned by the Humane Society, and a new location wouldn't need to be found.

The cost for the service that the Society provides to the town wouldn't continue to grow in leaps and bounds as it would if a new building were larger and thus held more animals. Build it bigger and they will come (more dogs and cats).

It needs to be said that if the downsized facility fills up then, and only then, will animals need to be put to sleep.

While trying to address another real problem "noise", Mr. Henley and Mr. Fruth were criticized for picking on the Humane Society. From my perspective, they were trying to address a major problem in Payson -- that some of the council wants to shove under the rug because they don't want to deal with contentious issues. Dealing with issues, contentious or not, is why they were elected.

It is time for the council to deal with noise and stray animals, not place the blame.

James Garner, Payson

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