People Keep Town Job Interesting



Jeannie Collier is the friendly voice on the phone and the woman with a smile behind the counter at the Payson Community Development office.

Collier joined the development department as a permit technician in early November.


Jeannie Collier

"I issue building permits," Collier said. "I prepare the papers and plans for the review process, collect the fees and issue the permits once the plans are approved."

Before assuming her current responsibilities, she spent three years in Gila County's building department. As Collier's interest in the field piqued, she decided to get certified as a permit technician.

Collier said dealing with people is the best part of her job.

"Everybody's different and everyone has different requests," said Collier. "And that's what keeps it interesting, and challenging."

Collier has lived in Arizona most of her adult life. She and her husband, Johnny, make their home in Tonto Basin, where they are preparing for retirement.

"It won't be anything fancy," she said of their retirement plans. "We just want to settle in and be comfortable."

Collier said she needs to put in another 10 years before her retirement; she looks forward to spending that time working for the town.

When she's not issuing building permits, Collier enjoys fishing in the desert lakes. Actually, she enjoys fishing anywhere, and is a better angler than her husband.

"He will even admit that," Collier said.

Another pleasure is floating in her pool and reading.

"I like mostly Christian authors, both fiction and non-fiction," she said.

Collier is also an active member of the Punkin Center Baptist Church women's ministry and serves on the finance committee.


Name: Jeannie Collier

Occupation: Permit technician

Employer: Town of Payson Community Development Department

Age: 52

Birthplace: Downey, Calif.

Family: Husband, Johnny Collier, a dog and a cat

Personal motto: Treat people the way I want to be treated

Inspiration: My husband

Greatest feat: I was certified as a permit technician and that made it possible to get this job

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Fishing with my husband

Three words that describe me best ... short, sweet and kind-hearted

I don't want to brag but ... my pets are the luckiest pets I know

Person in history I'd most like to meet: President George W. Bush -- I'm a Republican and conservative and I have high regard for him and what he's done and his morals.

Luxury defined: A quiet, comfortable place.

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii

Why the Rim country? We moved here to prepare for retirement in a small-town atmosphere.

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