America Should Not Be Afraid To Express Faith And Trust In God


The editorial cartoon on this page illustrates a disappointing movement in this country to take Christ out of Christmas.

But the pressure to dilute Christianity or acknowledge God in America doesn't stop there. Throughout the country pressure is being applied to lawmakers and civic leaders to censor any reference to Jesus Christ or God in our schools, public monuments, or in prayers at public events.


Richard Haddad, publisher

An example is the campaign last year to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda at the Alabama state judicial building. The campaign was successful, and the monument was removed last November.

How disappointed our founding fathers must be as they gaze down at this distorted manipulation of the Constitution.

In our efforts to be politically correct, we are eroding one of the very principles this nation was founded upon -- the belief in God and applying our faith to guide the leadership and growth of this country.

What kind of example are we setting for our children if we bow to the ways of the world and mute our belief and trust in God?

Placing our convictions under a bushel is also an insult to the generations of men and women who came before us -- those who fought and lived with faith to make a moral America.

In times of war when this country was under attack, many of our veterans prayed to God to bring us victory. Our soldiers still pray today, and our prayers are with them and their families.

Let us not be afraid to express our prayers or belief in God.

Christmas is about Jesus Christ and the wondrous blessings acknowledged by those who believe in him.

I hope we will keep Christ in Christmas, and God in America.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

-- Richard Haddad, publisher

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