Christ Is Missing In Christmas



My husband and I went to the Julia Randall Christmas program at the high school, as our granddaughter was one of the many children participating in it. Although it was a nice presentation, there was something missing -- Christmas! None of the songs sung had anything to do with the birth of Jesus. I believe the very last song, as stated in the program, was "Silent Night."

The schools have already taken God out of Thanksgiving. Children are taught that the first Thanksgiving feast was the pilgrims giving thanks to the Indians.

Actually, there were two Thanksgivings. At the time of the first Thanksgiving, more than 50 percent of the settlers had died from famine and/or disease. They had but five kernels of corn each on their plate and yet, they dedicated this as a thanksgiving to God. Several years later, after many social and economic changes, and with much help from the befriended Indians, they had another Thanksgiving. This one was a bountiful feast and the settlers gave thanks to both God and the Indians.

Now, the very reason for Christmas is being taken away. Our country was founded on Christian principles, but our children will never learn this truth in public schools.

Look around -- "Happy Holidays" has replaced "Merry Christmas," "X" has replaced Christ in "Christmas," "The Grinch" has replaced the manger. You don't buy a Christmas tree, you buy a holiday tree. Churches can't even display the nativity.

Wake up America! We have freedoms here unlike any other country in the world. We have always been a blessed nation -- Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. If we do not put God back on the Seat of Honor that He deserves -- beware!

Ginny Cuthbertson, Payson

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