In The Midst Of A Dizzying December



The holiday season is now in full swing, if my calendar is any indication. The Snyder family is double-booked almost every day from Dec. 1 until after New Year's Day.

My Christmas presents are wrapped and my baking is winding down with just sugar cookies to bake and decorate.

The Village is looking very festive with the colorful lights on the houses. The inflatable decorations are quite popular this year. One of the nicest yards is the Chuck and Linda Stailey home on Johnson Boulevard. Drive by and have a look.

Along the line of the holiday season, Bill and I were invited to a performance of the Payson Choral Society Chamber Singers last Saturday evening, Dec. 11, at the Mormon church in Christopher Creek.

The Relief Society Ladies put on a luscious ham dinner with all the trimmings to go along with the entertainment. The round tables were tastefully decorated with a variety of Nativity scenes donated by their congregation. The Chamber Singers sang Christmas songs and everyone was invited to sing along on a few of the hymns.

The Payson Choral Society Chamber Singers is under the direction of Mary Ann Irvine and with her expertise, the singers put on a great performance.


In last week's column, I mentioned that Glen "Putsy" Shaw was recuperating from surgery in Phoenix. This week, Glen is now at the Payson Care Center to finish his recovery. Glen can have visitors now, so please stop by and wish him well. I am sure he would appreciate seeing his friends.

Bear Flat

Maj. Curtis Sutton, an Air Force pilot and son of Phon and Dara Sutton, is again making a tour of duty to Iraq. Phon and Dara urge everyone to keep Curtis in their prayers for a safe flight.

Maj. Sutton has flown many trips to Iraq. I am sure that we all wish him a safe tour of duty this time around.

Tonto Village Fire District

Irv Bossert said that at the board meeting this past Saturday, Gayle Fitch was sworn in as treasurer, and Gloria Alliger was sworn in as secretary to make up the board members for this coming year.

Irv is looking forward to a very busy year ahead for the fire district with many projects in the works.

Capt. Rick Prach said if anyone picks up the packet for the new 911 emergency street numbers at the fire station, they will also receive a ticket for a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from Bashas'.

If you have already picked up your packet, stop by the fire station for a ticket too.

The drawing will be at 11 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 23 at the fire station.

Important reminder

The community Christmas potluck dinner is this Saturday, Dec. 18. Call Ethel Cain at (928) 478-4332 and tell her what dish you would like to bring. The eating commences at 2 p.m.

This is a fine time to chat with your neighbors and catch up with the news of the Village.


Marilynn Alliger, mother of J.R. Alliger, is visiting from Buffalo, N.Y. and will help him celebrate his birthday Dec. 15.

Marilynn will be treated to seeing some of the countryside. J.R. will be taking her on the Verde Canyon Railroad this week. Lucky gal. I have wanted to do that for quite a while now.

Pool results

Harvey Poyner, Tim Ehrhardt from Meads Ranch, and James Miller were the winners in the Sunday afternoon pool contest. Congratulations to each of you.

The gals will play at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 21 at the Double D. See you there.

I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

I will be taking a few weeks off to enjoy my family. I will return Jan. 7, 2005.

Be safe everybody!

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