Make Bleachers A Priority



I recently learned that the high school has been making plans to make this year's high school graduation in May a more "pleasant" program for everyone. The ideas they are working on sounded wonderful, but as I thought about the program, the one thing that seemed would help the most would be more seats for family and friends -- especially ones where we could "see."

Here during the month of December many people who haven't given their contribution to the Credit for Kids program might consider making that donation and designating it for the bleachers project. If enough people did it, maybe they could be in place in time for this May.

I can't think of any time I have been to any program there (football/track/graduation) and found more seats than could have been used. They are always at a premium. I am sure that the other programs are also deserving of our dollars, but we could get this one done. I am writing my check today and urge you to consider the same.

Nancy Gartner, Payson

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