Phs Play Controversial



The four one-act "issue plays" performed by the Payson High School drama department in my opinion was very controversial.

I am a conservative who is open minded. I have raised seven stepchildren and two of my own. We had problems with our children when they were in their teenage years as portrayed in the plays. Drugs, alcohol, sex, jail ... yes, all of those, so I am not from a family that had two perfect, darling children. Of all of our children there is still one that is a problem and he is 33 years old now.

The students as actors did a tremendous job playing their particular part in each scene. But, I think the content was upsetting when it is in your face. Facing the issues the kids face today are unreal to people like me. I think the department wanted to be noticed by this play and they definitely were by us and the friends we took with us. I wonder who wrote the script and did the Payson High School administration screen this play and see every scene before approving it for the public to see?

If anyone one else has an opinion on this recent play, please take the time to write to the editor. It would be interesting to see who saw the play and what they thought.

Dara Sutton, Bear Flat

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