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Q: There are numerous high school students who know they have no chance of ever graduating due to the new state requirement to pass the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) test. "Remedial" math and reading classes aren't remedial if you haven't been taught the material the first time. My question is: is there a General Education Degree (GED) preparatory class in Payson available to young adults and high school students?

A: Gila Community College offers the GED program. Classes are televised on Cable Channel 62 and the next GED test will be offered Feb. 19. To get more information, contact either Jessica Baldwin or Tracey Cochran at GCC, (928) 468-8039.

Q: Pet cats are disappearing in Mesa del Caballo. Is it legal to set traps for pet cats, then take them to the humane society for immediate euthanization?

A: Mike Spalding, animal control officer for Gila County, said there is no license required for cats, but anyone can place a trap on their property. He said he has not been made aware of cats missing in Mesa del Caballo. He said traps can be rented from the county or town, or people can use their own traps. If they use their own traps they pay a $10 fee to the humane society when the cats are turned in. Using a rented trap eliminates the fee and makes collecting the trapped animal the responsibility of the animal control officer. A spokesperson at the Payson Humane Society said cats from Mesa del Caballo are brought in frequently. Only feral cats are euthanized immediately. Pet cats may be claimed within 72 hours by their owners. If the cat is not claimed it is put in quarantine for 21 days, given all its shots and either spayed or neutered, then put up for adoption.

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