Man Arrested For Stealing, Wrecking Car


A Payson man was arrested Saturday night after stealing and crashing a vehicle, police said. The man, Adam Overstreet, 26, of Payson was questioned when Department of Public Safety Officer Henry Thomason saw Overstreet hitchhiking south of Payson on Highway 87 near Corvair Curve.

"He was walking down the center divider line in the middle of the night," Thomason said. "I cited him for hitchhiking."

Before taking Overstreet home in his patrol car, Thomason asked him to empty his pockets.

"He pulled out a credit card that was not his," Thomason said. "I could not contact the owner of the credit card at that time, but told him I was going to investigate it."

After dropping Overstreet off at his house, the officer returned to where he picked him up, and discovered an unattended wrecked car off the side of the road.

"We ran the plate and the car came back to the owner of the credit card," the officer said.

Thomason contacted the car's owner who did not know it was missing from her home in Mesa del Caballo.

Officers from the Payson Police Department found Overstreet and turned him over to DPS officers. He was arrested and charged with theft of the car and credit card, criminal damage and aggravated DUI. Criminal charges are still pending against Overstreet, who is accused of stealing and torching a car near the Rim Club in August.

Overstreet was booked in Gila County. He was transferred to the jail in Globe in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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