Christmas Is A Holy Day, Not A Holiday



Thank you, publisher Richard Haddad, for your excellent editorial regarding Jesus.

The retail business can call Christmas a "holiday" if they want. Their business is to make money. However, Christmas is not a "holiday," it is a "Holy Day," period.

Christmas is a Holy Day this year, just as it has been for centuries. Indeed for Catholics it is a "Holy Day of Obligation." This means it requires the same church commitment as the Sabbath.

St. Nicholas, a fourth-century archbishop of Myra in Lycia (southwestern Asia Minor) is the origin of our Santa Claus. The name Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch/American dialect form of his name, Sinta Klass. In Europe, he is "Father Christmas" and gifts are exchanged on his feast day, Dec. 6.

How upset St. Nick would be to find his simple life of giving to the poor and to children has replaced the Christ child in America.

America was discovered and explored by Christians, and if we have to adjust the Constitution, let's do it.

David Engleman, Payson

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