Christmas Party Offered A Night Of Fellowship



The Christmas party at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church was a night of good food, fellowship and a lot of fun. About 80 residents showed up and listened to the young generation as they recited verses from the Bible, sang Christmas carols and played instruments.

Tyler Kilbourne recited Luke 2:1-14 totally by memorization. Christa Kilbourne played the piano for everyone, as did Jessie Snively. Tyler, Travis and Tucker Kilbourne played instrumental Christmas carols, and songs were sung by Mike, Matt and Jessie Snively, Rebbeca Jones, Jonathan Simmons, Katie Robinson and Candy Simmons.


Owner Olive Matus credits artist Robert McWorthy for the spectacular light display that was created at her Creekside Restaurant in Christopher Creek. Locals urge visitors to stop by Christopher Creek this week and see the brilliant displays throughout the community.

Everyone was given a candle, the lights were turned out and the group sang "Silent Night." I think they could be heard in Payson. It was beautiful.

The favorite time of the evening for the children was the gift game. Everyone brought gifts wrapped with a lot of tape so it was almost impossible to get into them. When the music started, the packages went from person to person. When the music stopped, players had to try and open the gift the were holding.

The hardest gifts to open were those wrapped and taped by Tracy Purtee, a UPS driver. He had so much tape on them I am not sure if they ever got opened. Either way it sure was fun watching those little ones pound those boxes and try every way they could to open them. By the way, anyone able to open a gift before the music started again could keep it.

If you want to see some more nice displays, take a drive around and look at Tracy and Teresa Purtee's house. Then keep going down Apple Lane and check out Bob and Penny Wells' home.

Cross the creek and take a look at Carol and Steve Graham's place. Then drive up Elk Run Road, where Carin and Sam Seay added a lot more to their house.

Don't miss Fire Chief Ray Larsen's home. I think he added more. It totally amazes me how he keeps them all lit.

Hunter Creek has some nice lights. Diane and Roland Davis, Bill and Donez Hunter, and Jo and Red Armistead have great displays. Jim and Roberta Bayless have luminaries all around their deck. Art and Pat Guevarra did a fine job, and Creekside Steakhouse is picture perfect as usual, thanks to the artist Robert McWorthy. Thanks to all for lighting up the creek.

I want to wish my family a very blessed Christmas. Even though they are 3,000 miles away, they are always in my heart.

I also wish all the men and women who are serving their country a very safe and blessed Christmas, and may you all come home soon.

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