Let's Give Our Kids The Credit They Deserve

Strengthen Rim country education through the "Credit For Kids" tax credit program


Why it won't cost you a dime:

In 1997 the Arizona State Legislature passed a law allowing residents to deduct, as a tax credit, money given to schools for extracurricular activities.


Credit for Kids tax dollars help support many extracurricular programs, including Payson High School sports.

This means any household that pays Arizona taxes may donate up to $250 for married taxpayers, or $200 for individual taxpayers filing jointly.

Since it's a tax credit, you get your money back by claiming the same amount, dollar-for-dollar, as a tax credit when filing your state tax return. You can even select what school or program you'd like the money to benefit.

Please send your donation using the form (printed in the 11/30 Roundup) before Dec. 31, 2004.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to have children enrolled in school?

No. Any household may donate up to $200/$250*.

Do I have to live within the designated school district?

No. Any household that pays Arizona taxes may donate.

Do I take this as a donation or credit on my Arizona tax return?

As a tax credit, you receive full dollar-for-dollar value against your tax liability.

So what does it cost me?

Nothing. It is really just a decision on your taxes about who will receive the $200/$250* -- our local schools or the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Do I have to donate the full $200 or $250?

No. Any amount is welcome and appreciated. But remember, you can take this credit on any liability you have for state taxes up to $200/$250*.

Where can I learn more?

For Payson School District: (928) 474-2070

For Pine/Strawberry School District: (928) 476-3283

  • $250 maximum if married filing jointly. Maximum for individual taxpayer is $200.

Program goals for each school

Payson High School: Fine arts, sports equipment, team transportation, club activities.

Payson Center for Success: Career exploration, cultural awareness, yearbook development, graduation.

Rim Country Middle School: Musical theatre, Outdoor Adventure Club, Science Olympiad.

Frontier Elementary School: Wolf Impressions, musical instruments, student government activities.

Payson Elementary School: Panther projects, orchestra, academic enrichment, field trips.

Julia Randall Elementary School: After school enrichment, band and orchestra, field trips, special assemblies.

Pine/Strawberry School: Fine arts (art and music), interscholastic program, field trips, technology and science.

Community stadium project: Bleacher installation, press box, sound system.

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