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Q: There is a crater-like pothole on West Birch, above the Pioneer Cemetery. What's being done to fix it?

A: LaRon Garrett, engineer for the Payson Public Works Department, said the pothole on West Birch is not a pothole, but a major street failure.

"We were notified about it Friday and went to inspect it," Garrett said.

He said it cannot be repaired. The street will have be dug up and rebuilt. The problem is probably due to a clay pocket under the road bed giving way due to the recent wet weather, he said.

The cost will be between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the extent of the failure. Work can't be done until probably next month when the department has asphalt available.

"You don't want to start on something like this until you have good weather and can get the job completed," he said.

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