High School Play Was Meant To Make People Think



I am writing in response to the recent letter, "PHS Play Controversial."

As a member of the Payson High School drama department, I was involved in the production, "Little Plays, Big Issues." This production consisted of four one-act plays, two of them very serious, and two of them very comedic.

The two serious shows were impact plays. They were supposed to be controversial; they were supposed to make people think. They were performed with the intent of informing people of the harsh reality that their teenager may not be the perfect little angel they think.

It was intended also to give teens a wake-up call. Many people do not realize the impact of their behavior until it is shown to them through another perspective.

I apologize if this show made people uncomfortable, but that was the intent of this show. This also means that those of us involved in this production did our job. Our job was to make people think, maybe even cause some controversy.

We were obviously successful.

Megan Miles, Payson

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