If All Views Are Equal, Then One Cannot Diminish The Other



Mr. Brophy's comments regarding the views of Valerie Marsh present a common yet inconsistent position.

He makes the statement that the attitude of "my belief is the only true way" is at the root of much of the world's problems. He continues by referencing a man by the name of Charlie Meister.

While I am unfamiliar with Mr. Meister, it appears from this letter that he classified religions into the categories of uniters and dividers. The uniters are those who believe that all paths lead to God and dividers as those who believe in only one true way.

Mr Brophy's article made it clear that being a uniter is desirable while holding a faith labeled a divider is undesirable.

If Mr. Brophy truly believes that all paths lead to God, then he must also believe that the views of Mrs. Marsh must be one of those ways. If all paths lead to God, then even those that are "dividers" must by his own statement also lead to God.

If on the other hand he does not believe that views such as the one held by Mrs. Marsh can lead to God then he is in fact being exclusionary himself and hence has become a divider.

For Mr. Brophy to be consistent, he must affirm the view of Mrs. Marsh; if he does not then he is stating that "my belief is the only true way" making himself a divider. If one is to hold to the view that all beliefs are equal, then one has no place to diminish any view even those who state there is only one way.

John Lake, Payson

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