Nfl Pre-Empts Marcy's Kids On Fox


Rim country residents who tuned in to the "Montel Williams Show" Friday hoping to watch the segment on Payson Community Kids might have been disappointed.

The 9 a.m. show was a rerun. The 1 p.m. show, when a new episode is usually shown, was pre-empted by the National Football League game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.


After a 13-hour journey to New York to tape the "Montel Williams Show," Payson Community Kids founder Marcy Rogers discovered her luggage was lost.

To make it even more confusing, promotional spots airing on Channel 10 Thursday (KSAZ-FOX) actually showed footage from the Payson Community Kids segment.

"I saw it," Rogers said. "I saw the man from Hyundai stand up, and I saw us get the car."

Unfortunately, Rogers couldn't contact the show to find out what happened. The studio is closed until Jan. 3.

Payson Community Kids is a non-profit organization founded by Rogers that provides counseling, after-school activities and other programs for children with special needs. It currently serves 50 to 60 children.

The Roundup talked to Channel 10 Programming Coordinator Nicole Kloster Monday and was told what happened.

"Right now, I only have a schedule for the next two weeks and it doesn't show on there, but they do repeat episodes every two or three weeks," she said.

Because the "Montel Williams Show" is syndicated, it runs on stations other than Fox affiliates. The program was not pre-empted by football on those stations, including one in Tucson.

Because Rogers' parents live in Tucson, she did see a tape of the program.

Payson Community Kids was given $22,759.99 worth of gifts, including the vehicle, a computer, $3,000 worth of gift cards for KB Toy Store; and a $750 gift certificate to the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa.

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