Societal Spelunking



I've never been a big fan of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. I'm certainly not qualified to pass judgment on another human being, however I feel that I have a right to an opinion regarding a holiday that was thrust on the American public and then shamed into adopting.

I think Dr. King was certainly an important voice in enlightening the blind public to the injustices faced by minorities in our country. I feel, however, that others like Rosa Parks made much greater personal impacts. You don't hear much about them.

Right or wrong, we now have a government holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. We used to celebrate Washington and Lincoln's birthdays, but to accommodate MLK, President's day is typically treated like Groundhog Day, or Valentine's Day without the candy. It has become obvious that caving in is a critical component of the country's present trend of trying to make everyone happy all of the time.

Frankly, I thought that Payson's resistance to adopting MLK showed some of the spirit that makes America unique. At the very least it showed some style. I'm guessing that with new folks from more liberal places around the country, it was inevitable.

Fearful of being listed in The Arizona Republic as not conforming to outside pressures thereby adopting this most trendy of government holidays -- even at the stated $10,000 hit to the town's budget -- is indicative of the new Payson at the expense of the old.

Keep your headlamps lit. I have a feeling we'll be going deeper.

Lon Thomas, Payson

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