Armed Man Forces Evacuations


A man believed to be homicidal barricaded himself and his 4-year-old daughter inside their apartment Wednesday afternoon.

Payson police blocked off McLane Road and evacuated a portion of the Forest Hills Condominium complex when Glynn Ellis, 51, went to his wife's place of employment and threatened to kill her and himself, and shoot up their apartment, police said.

After leaving his wife's work, he picked up their child from a babysitter, where he also threatened violence. Ellis' wife called the police.

Police said they were especially concerned about Ellis' collection of firearms, which included an assault rifle.

A command post was set up at Payson High School and the department's Special Response Team and negotiators were called to the scene. Officers surrounded the portion of the complex and began evacuating occupants.

After most of the tenants in surrounding apartments were evacuated, negotiators attempted phone contact, but Ellis would not answer.

About an hour into the standoff, Ellis answered his phone and agreed to surrender to officers. He came out and was arrested without incident.

Officers confiscated six firearms from his home.

Police Lt. Don Engler said Ellis had a history of similar behavior in other jurisdictions. The investigation is ongoing.

"He was charged with three counts of threatening and intimidating and was booked into Gila County jail," Engler said.

Ellis was released on his own recognizance Thursday morning.

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