How You Can Help Tsunami Victims


The death toll from the tsunami that crashed through Asia and parts of India three days ago has risen past 120,000, including a dozen confirmed American casualties and thousands of others missing in the 12 countries hit by the massive waves.

Charities are reporting that relief efforts could be the largest in recent history, and many Rim country residents are asking what they can do to help.

"I think it's one of the worst disasters that I can remember in my lifetime," Lynda Papaioanu, Red Cross coordinator for the Rim country, said.

Papaioanu said donations to the Red Cross are most appropriate because of the organization's solid reputation for responding to international disasters.

"The Red Cross is the place to send the donations, and they are going to need the donations," she said. "The Red Cross has integrity. It's been around for more than 100 years. They know how to do these things. They know all about relief operations."

The Red Cross accepts a variety of donations, said Jake Saylor, spokesman for the Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter.

Checks can be sent to the Piper Center, 6135 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85015. Saylor said to specify the donation's intent on the check's memo line to ensure the money is earmarked for tsunami relief.

Donations also are accepted over the phone by calling (800)HELPNOW, or online at the Grand Canyon's Red Cross website at

For more information and updates on relief efforts call (800) 257-7575.

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