Look Forward To New Year



This is the time of the year to think about what has taken place and to think about how we could have lived it better.

No matter what has taken place in our lives, we can look forward to the new year with a different outlook and a change of mind and heart.

This is the time of year to let go of the past mistakes and the great things we might have done and have a new beginning.

We can, if we wish, start out the new year with a positive and loving heart for the whole universe. We can start by prayers for peace and goodwill for all mankind. We can start the new year by finding peace and love within ourselves and then we will be able to share it with others.

We cannot teach peace and love by force and conformity, but by living peace and love, so that others may see God's good works and find their way back to the Father.

God, or whatever you may call the Creator, never leaves us. It is we who leave God.

It is the time of year to rethink and restart our search for God and to live as if we are a part of God, for we were created in his image and are His children, and have the responsibility to represent the Creator the best way we know how.

From our mouth is what we become. Think on this. Thoughts are things and our world becomes what we think about.

We can choose to control our thoughts. We have free will and can choose good thoughts or not good thoughts. This is how we change our lives and learn to live in a positive and loving way.

Think and meditate on these things, and create a new way of life for yourself. It is the journey that counts and what we do with our lives. Make your life meaningful. Stand up and be counted as a peacemaker and one that shows love for your fellow man. Live your life as if you are a child of God for this is what you are.

May the peace and goodwill that is in you and me find its way around the world in this wonderful New Year, 2005.

Rev. Dr. Annellé Henson, Payson

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