Think About Who Was Elected President



I hear the evangelical Christian-type people saying, "Whew, that sure was a close one. Praise God that Kerry didn't get it, and our Christian-boy George did. If we had not voted, an un-Christian, pro-abortionist, homosexual-endorsing Kerry would have gotten into office!"

If this is true, why did Bush just appoint Alberto Gonzales as attorney general? He is for abortion, but also advocates underage children being able to get an abortion without parental consent.

Why did Bush campaign for Sen. Spectre, who is pro-life and pro-partial birth abortion?

Also, why did Bush now give a federal judgeship to Alabama's past Attorney General Bill Pryor, who brought ethnic charges against Judge Roy Moore for refusing to tear down the Ten Commandments plaque?

Think. Did you ever hear the president mention the name of Jesus Christ? George Washington and many of our earlier presidents did.

Well, don't worry; you really didn't have a choice. Both Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush as members of the secret, satanic society of Skull & Crossbones, who follow the agenda of the New World Order.

Russ Krueger, Goodyear

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