Happy With Brooke Utilities



Since the formation of PSWID, we have been paying taxes to support the PSWID, not knowing where or how our money is being used.

This business of not having open meetings but suggesting that a petition be signed to buy out the Brooke Utilities has not been an exercise that the folks in Pine/Strawberry wish. We need to explore the area in Strawberry for water that was surveyed earlier.

PSWID was not formed to buy out a water company. We are perfectly happy with Brooke Utilities (Pine Water Company). Why should we be forced to buy a water company and add an exorbitant amount of cost to each family in Pine/Strawberry?

We want open meetings in the Pine/Strawberry area. We want an explanation where the money has gone. We want a special election that is a fair one with more than one name per slot to choose from.

Ken and Anne Eme, Pine

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