History Will Reveal The Truth



Could and should George Bush be brought before the World Court, at or at least an Iraqi court, to face charges of crimes against humanity and the use of weapons of mass destruction? (Certainly a bomb that can blow up a couple of city blocks is no firecracker.)

More than 10,000 Iraq citizens have lost their lives. More than 500 Americans have lost their lives, as well as the lost lives of numerous citizens from other countries. Many American wives, children, parents, husbands, friends are missing a loved family member, not for defending our country, but because they swore to follow the commands of their "Commander-in-Chief." I know what that means, as my wife and I and two of our children were in the military.

The weekend before Bush created an American disgrace by starting a war, many American military veterans, members of the organization called "Veterans for Peace, Veterans Against War," held a national convention. There were many speakers, former GI Joes, generals, and, this is important, American intelligence agents who had just resigned from their government jobs as protest against the start of a war, simply because they would not take part in a known lie -- that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when indeed these agents knew that Iraq did not have such weapons.

Neither did the United Nations believe that they had such weapons.

An "A" bomb was 10 years away, and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

I personally believed that that was the truth, and personally sent e-mails to everyone on my e-mail list, including the Roundup, saying that George Bush was a liar. I shared this info with all my friends, and indeed took the brunt of threats and lost friendships.

Furthermore, the U.S. has no right to hold the former Iraqi leader. By chance, lacking an Iraqi court of law, only the UN should have command over that leader's captivity.

Are the U.S. intelligence agencies taking the blame for this war to save the next election?

Did George Bush lie? Wait and see. History will bring out the truth.

If you think that there is not a lot of slippery oil money being spread on the hands of many Washington insiders today, you are foolish.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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