Let's Keep The Highways Clean



I am concerned about the litter along Highway 87 between the casino and Oxbow Estates.

When my mother and I drive to Phoenix, we both discuss how trashy this area looks. My mother and I discussed the problem that everyone waits for someone else to clean the roads.

We decided it would be good for us to do our part in keeping this area clean.

Please, everyone if you are concerned about our environment and our beautiful area lets get together and clean the area. There are many places along the highway where you can park and clean an area, any area, any place, anytime.

We don't have to have a sign designating "our " area, after all, isn't it all ours?

Let's all do our share and keep the Rim country a beautiful place to live.

Feb. 28 between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. we will be doing our part in above stated area and hope others will help.

Robert Walker, Rim Country Middle School

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