There May Be A Reason For A Chained Dog



Re: Break the chain of bad ownership.

I'm a proud pet owner. I have three dogs -- one who was literally starving to death as a puppy, and two of which we purchased from the Payson Humane Society.

My dog, Dakota, from PHS, is a chained dog. She's fed and played with, and is part of our family, but still a chained dog because she can climb our fence. She's one heck of a booger to catch. I doubt even the dog catcher could catch her. It takes every kid in our neighborhood, but we do.

1. We don't want her picked up by the pound or hit by a car.

2. We don't want her to injure anyone; however, I believe her to be harmless.

3. I don't want her to be a garbage picker, or a nuisance to my neighbors and community.

4. I am responsible for my dogs.

So, before passing judgment on a pet owner for placing the dog for which they are responsible upon a chain, you should first know the person's situation -- consider the little lady recently injured by a dog at large.

The main reason my chained dog has not been returned to the Humane Society is, I'm trying to raise my children with the realistic understanding that pets are not disposable.

Joi Nelson, Payson

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