Bush Didn't ‘Steal' The Presidency



I don't agree with about half of the actions of the Bush Administration; however, some critics are becoming hysterical.

When they repeat the blather which is constantly broadcast through the megaphone of rumor and the Internet, they contribute nothing to rational discourse.

In the interest of brevity, I will shoot down just one proposition which has been repeated constantly ever since Bush took office: "Bush stole the election with the complicity of the Supreme Court."

Now, read this carefully: Florida has a long-standing statute which places a limit on the length of time that votes can be counted. The official count is whatever it is at the end of the statutory time limit. The Florida Supreme Court attempted to nullify the statute and ruled that the vote counting could continue indefinitely. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Florida statute was not flawed, and that the Florida Supreme Court ruling was invalid. Therefore, the state of Florida was required to comply with the law that the state had created, which is not a unique legal principle. The official vote count was then established at the end of the statutory time limit.

Those who believe Bush to be engaged in criminal activity and constant lies will never believe that Clinton transferred advanced technology to Communist China; which he, in fact, did. That is called blind bias.

Richard L. Sandheger, Young

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