Country Needs Educated Voters



I feel a response is in order regarding Teresa McQuerrey's column (My View, Jan. 20).

I think she is being short-sighted to say that this Democratic presidential preference election is a waste of money. Compared to the Republican tax giveaways in the form of SUV tax cuts, alternate fuel vehicle rebates (remember Jeff Groscost's generosity with the taxpayers' money?) etc., we are getting a bargain in participatory democracy.

While Tom Brokaw's memory may have been as shaky as his objectivity during the debate that he moderated, there is no question that Democrats in all parts of the nation have been energized by the political discussions caused by these elections, even in "sparsely" populated areas like Northern Gila County.

Elections such as the one that you deem so unnecessary are the direct cause of the major candidates airing their differences with each other as well as with the current administration. This, in no small way, has sharpened the focus on the current occupant of the White House, as Mr. Bush's popularity continues to decline.

This country needs voter participation with educated voters to elect our leaders, not Supreme Court decisions. This presidential preference election is part of that educational process.

Herb Bartholomew, Payson

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