Eight Arrests Made In Sign Vandalism


Eight people were arrested Tuesday for stealing and destroying political signs belonging to council candidate Tim Fruth.

"Officer (Steve) Montgomery did an excellent job investigating this case," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "We made eight arrests."

Ruth Anne Rusovick, 22, Andy Sargent, 18, and six juveniles were all charged with criminal damage and tampering with political signs, Engler said.

Fruth had more than 60 signs pulled up, spray painted and dumped in his front yard Saturday night.

"The investigation revealed there was no political motivation behind this," Engler said. "It was more about Mr Fruth being the assistant principal at the middle school."

"These are good kids," Fruth said. "There was no hate -- just mischief."

Fruth said those involved believed the town paid for election signs and did not understand how it would impact him.

"They were very apologetic," Fruth said. "Some of them volunteered to help me put stuff back up."

Engler said it would be up to the judge to decide the consequences.

"The maximum for a class-two misdemeanor is a $750 fine and nine months in jail," Engler said. "But that's highly unlikely in this case."

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