Fes Students Create Giant Snow Caterpillar


Tuesday's storm, lasting the entire day, left the town of Payson painted with snow. There was one area, however, where by mid-afternoon, not a snowflake could be found.

At Frontier Elementary School, students from the first to the fifth grades, completely cleared the school's field of snow in a team effort to create a giant caterpillar out of snowballs.


Practically the entire student body of Frontier Elementary School was involved in building a 119-foot snow caterpillar Wednesday. The project took on a momentum all its own, according to FES teacher Brad Bolt. "The coolest thing about it is that the entire school worked together," Bolt said.

The idea was sparked by three students -- Dillon Walker, 9, Hunter Barr, 9, and Soren Parker, 10 -- who, at first attempted to build an enormous snowman. Their failure in doing so resulted in the building of the caterpillar in which almost the entire student body was involved.

"The coolest thing about it, is that the entire school worked together," teacher Brad Bolt said. "The nurse, who usually welcomes several lonely students into her office during recesses, had no visitors because everyone was helping to build the caterpillar."

By the end of the school day, the students had constructed a 119-foot caterpillar containing 43 segments.

Bolt said he observed the students putting to use skills from the "Character Counts" program, emphasized by all teachers in the district.

At the end of the day, students said they left school with a feeling of accomplishment and pride in the completed caterpillar.

"I felt like I wanted to cry because we all worked together," Barr said.

Bekah Sandoval is a sophomore at Payson High School. She wrote this story after working with the Roundup for a day as part of the school's Job Shadow program.

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