Horns' Gesture Is Not A Gang Sign


Those "hand signs" you see some Payson High School student athletes performing in Roundup sports pictures have no gang significance whatsoever.

Apparently some readers have thought the gestures were somehow affiliated with gangs.

The signs, which appear very similar to the "Hang Ten" hand signs often seen in Hawaii, are a newer version of the "Hook 'em Horns" gesture. They are meant only as a sign of support for Payson High School athletic teams.

A decade ago, Payson High students performed the sign using the index and pinkie finger. Somehow the sign evolved into the thumb and little finger.

Lady Longhorn coach Rory Huff described the gestures by saying "they have no negative connotation whatsoever."

Coaches and athletes at PHS had a good chuckle when I advised them in midweek that some in our community believed the signs had gang significance.

Nope, they mean simply "Hook 'em Horns."

Pine team finishes as runner-ups

Ray Purtill and Buddy Randall, both of Pine, finished second at the BestBet Aluminum Boat bass fishing team tournament Feb. 1 at Apache Lake.

The two weighed in a six-fish limit that tipped the scale at 14.34 pounds. In their catch was a 4.91-pound lunker. For the silver-medal finish the two shared $1,725 in prize money. The two fished grubs, jigs and spinnerbaits on flats down to 10 feet in the river and around Burnt Corral. The team is sponsored by the Tackle Box, Snappy Lawn Service and State Constructors paving.

The father-son team of Tony Taylor senior and junior of Mesa, won the tournament with a limit of 18.37 pounds. For the win, they received $3,650.

The next BestBet Aluminum Boat team bass fishing tournament is scheduled for March 13 at Apache Lake.

For more information call (480) 894-2775.

Few problems

When Payson High School was realigned to the 4A Grand Canyon region a year ago, many were concerned that the northland's weather would adversely affect games and travel.

Thus far this season, there have been very few cancellations, postponements or reschedules for the Horns due to the weather.

One of the few that occurred was the Feb. 3 basketball games in Wilson Dome against Flagstaff Sinagua.

Those games had to be rescheduled for yesterday (Thursday) because Sinagua school officials opted not to bus their athletes over the snowy Rim roads.

The only other schedule changes of significance occurred when the regional soccer tournament had to be moved from Flagstaff to Camp Verde because of snow.

Although regional games have mostly been played as scheduled, the big question concerning Longhorn life in the Grand Canyon region will be answered when spring sports roll around. It's entirely possible the Longhorn baseball and softball teams could find themselves playing in one of those spring snowstorms that often blanket Flagstaff.

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