If You're Happy With Brooke, Then Don't Sign Petition



True, PSWID was not formed to buy out a water company, but it can be authorized to do so by a consensus of the property owners in the district, and the purpose of the petitions is make it possible for the property owners to decide who will supply our water.

If you are "Happy with Brooke Utilities," do not sign the petition and encourage your neighbors to also refuse to sign it. Ask them to join you in showing your support for a higher water rate, exorbitant hauling fees, poor service, inadequate water storage, poor fire protection, and higher insurance rates. Feel free to enjoy all the happiness you can afford.

Question: Who are these "developers that are trying to take over the water district?" I am unaware of any developers hiding behind a good idea to promote their own (hidden) agenda and I ask that anyone having information to support this claim to come forward and enlighten the rest of us.
For a copy of the financial statement of PSWID, contact John Nelson at the Gila County offices. He is the PSWID administrator and it is my understanding that if you request a copy of the financial statement, it will be provided.
I believe the claim that the PSWID Water Advisory Group is "window dressing to cover Gila County's hidden agenda" is bogus and unfair. Thus far, I have no reason to believe that our mission is anything but as stated and I see no hint of "a hidden agenda" either public, or private. I do see a fine group of people, trying to find a viable solution to our water problems through exploration of all possible ideas presented for consideration.

The comment "first we find water, then we sell it to Brooke Utilities" is absurd. By law, we would not be allowed to sell our water to anyone accept Brooke, but, Brooke, not us, decides how much we would be paid for our water, while the ACC decides how much Brooke can charge us for it. So, why should we poke a $2 million hole in the ground to find water that we can use only by giving Brooke a profit on our investment? cannot see any value to this community in this concept, but Mr. Suhr apparently does, and perhaps he would like to share his thoughts further?

Attend the next town meeting, hear the facts of our issues, and participate in the process to make a rational decision for our communities. Your comments and questions will be carried back to the advisory group.

Jim Estess, PSWID Advisory Group member

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